A Halloween Story

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99454. A Halloween Story. October 31, 1970. NBC net. Sponsored by: Jensen Sound Systems. The program originates from, "The Palace Of Mystery" in Hollywood. The first story is a plagiarization of, "Cat-Wife." The second is a re-telling of, "Three Skeleton Key." The credits rival the program in length. Marvin Miller (announcer, performer), Yaphet Koto (narrator), Wyllis Cooper (writer), George Toudouze (writer), John Carradine, Casey Kasem, Jean Kasem, Lynn Redgrave, Ray Calcord (composer, conductor), Richard Proctor (? writer), John Clark, John Houseman, June Lockhart, Gary Owens, Bill Brownell (sound effects), Bob Mott (sound effects), Bruce Briggs (network engineer), Tom Pierson (? network engineer), Stewart Sloak (? technical director), Andre Groton (? audio assistant), Norman T. Below (? audio assistant), Christine Cogle (associate director), Gene Frost (associate producer), Maurie Trumbull (NBC director of programs), Dick Orken (director), Jeffrey Shudakov (? producer), Ron Roddy (announcer). 53:06. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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