A Musical Salute To The Hollywood Bowl

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92400. A Musical Salute To The Hollywood Bowl. August 25, 1951. ABC radio and television simulcast. Sustaining. 9:00 P.M. (PST). The announcer reading a public service message before the show mispronounces the words, "Red Cross." The show is a benefit for the Hollywood Bowl. The m.c. implies the program is being heard on the west coast only. The program originates from "The Musician's Building" in Hollywood. The announcer says that the orchestra contains 115 pieces, the m.c. then claims the orchestra has 125 pieces. The m. c. is announced as Art Linkletter, but the voice sounds exactly like Art Baker; whose style is wholly inappropriate for a concert of this type. The first selection is announced as, "The Roman Carnival Overture," but the national anthem is heard instead. Mr. Baker grudgingly allows affiliated stations 9 1/2 seconds for station identification. Art Baker announces that David Rose will conduct 3 selections and is corrected by David Rose who says he will be playing two selections. Sigmund Romberg is asked if "it would be a tragedy (if the Bowl closes)." Romberg ad libs, "It would be after I've given my check." Finally Art Baker announces that the program is running late and instructs the orchestra to skip the first 3 movements of, "Capriccio Espanol" (which he mispronounces)! Actually, the program ran almost 1/2 hour late. Sigmund Romberg (conductor), David Rose (conductor), Les Brown (conductor), Fabien Sevitzky (conductor), Art Baker (m. c.), Joy Pottle (12-year-old pianist), The Hollywood String Quartet, Felix Slatkin (first violin), Paul Shure (second violin), Paul Robyn (viola), Eleanor Aller (cello, possibly a stage name for Eleanor Slatkin), Fletcher Bowron (mayor of Los Angeles), John Nanson Ford, John Milton Kennedy (announcer), John T. De Groen (? head of the musician's union), Al Armor (? producer), Louis Lipstone (head of music at Paramount), Jay Livingston (composer of, "Buttons and Bows"), Ray Evans (composer of, "Buttons and Bows"), Charles Navarro (Los Angeles city councilman), Ed Davenport (Los Angeles city councilman), Jean Hersholt, Andy Russell, Della Russell, Morton Levine (chairman of the Los Angeles County Music Commission), Frank La Tourette (co-ordinator), Stuart W. Phelps (director for television), Joe Thompson (radio director), Harold Huntsman (television technical director), Hal Powell (radio engineer). 2:25:59. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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