A. L. Alexander's Mediation Board

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1663. A. L. Alexander's Mediation Board. June 28, 1943. Mutual net. Sustaining. Case #13486: A marital dispute in which the husband starts shouting and walks out of the studio! An announcement is made that on July 11th, the program will be expanded to forty-five minutes. A. L. Alexander, William Curnan (mediator: priest), James Heller (mediator: rabbi), Paul Eddie (mediator: member of the Council For Religious education, president of Adelphi College). 29:09. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

1662. A. L. Alexander's Mediation Board. July 25, 1943. Mutual net. Sponsored by: Serutan. "There are two sides to every question." The first conflict to be heart is Case #4921. A mother complains that her daughter is vindictive. The daughter has poor eyes and her mother feels she "should stay at home and make the best of her life." Harry Overstreet (mediator: author, former professor of philosophy at City College, New York), Lloyd E. Foster (mediator: clergyman), Bernard Dudley (announcer), A. L. Alexander, Ruth Bryan Rohde (mediator: daughter of William Jennings Bryan, former U. S. minister to Denmark, author). 44:02. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

1664. A. L. Alexander's Mediation Board. March 24, 1946. Mutual net. Sponsored by: Serutan, Nutrex. "Dedicated to the peace and harmony of the Armerican home." "No matter who wins tonight, there will be no losers." Case #31462: A man complains that his wife is against his brother's request for help. He is married with a 2 year-old child. He wants to marry someone else and wants his brother to raise the child. A. L. Alexander, John Reed Kilpatrick (mediator: army general), Henry Waldman (mediator: judge), Ralph Emerson Davis (mediator: clergyman). 29:19. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

1665. A. L. Alexander's Mediation Board. March 31, 1946. Mutual net. Sponsored by: Serutan, Nutrex. "There are two sides to every story." Case #31585 starts the broadcast. A father complains that his ex-companion is not letting him visit his child. He found a note saying, "I have left you, please don't look for us." A. L. Alexander, Rita Wyman (mediator: author), William B. Herlands (mediator: district attorney, New York City), Phillips Packer Elliott (mediator: clergymen). 29:25. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

1666. A. L. Alexander's Mediation Board. May 4, 1947. Mutual net. Sustaining. "There are two sides to every story." "The difficult-yet-fascinating art of mediation is advanced." Case #39485: A 76-year-old woman, whose husband died 28 years ago, says that 9 years ago she met a gentleman friend (75-years-old) who secretly had a wife. She found out 5 years later (after he moved in) about the wife and that they they couldn't get married. Phillips Packer Elliott (mediator: doctor), Henry Waldman (mediator: judge), A. L. Alexander, L. Wendell Fifield (mediator: doctor). 29:10. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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