ASCAP On Parade

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28015. ASCAP On Parade. January 1941. Program #1. ASCAP syndication. Sustaining. The founding of ASCAP is dramatized, a talk about ASCAP's position in it's strike against many radio stations (or boycott). The program features: a Victor Herbert medley, a dramatization of how Mr. Herbert and his fellow composers founded ASCAP, a Rodgers and Hart medley (Richard Rogers at the piano, vocals by Hollis Shaw), Joe Howard sings his famous song, "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now?" The orchestra plays, "The Rhapsody In Blue" and a medley of famous radio themes. Gene Buck, the president of ASCAP, speaks about the current union positions. The orchestra plays an Irving Berlin medley, followed by Irving Berlin singing, "God Bless America." George M. Chohan sings a medley of his hits (he died shortly after this broadcast). Robert Russell Bennett (conductor, as "Russell Bennett"), Richard Rodgers, Hollace Shaw, Joe Howard, Gene Buck, Benny Fields, George M. Cohan, Irving Berlin, Deems Taylor (commentator). 59:00. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

90123. ASCAP On Parade. February 1, 1941. ASCAP syndication. The program is announced as being heard on 117 stations, those that are still broadcasting ASCAP music. Cole Porter starts the show, by saying one sentence. The first tune is, "I Get A Kick Out Of You," sung by Ethel Merman. Jolson appears in a skit about a radio singer trying to buy some songs for his new show. Going to a non-ASCAP publisher, the best he can get is, "Turnkey In The Straw." The clever scene ends with Jolson singing a medley of his (ASCAP) hits and "April Showers." Good Jolson! The program includes a dramatized (and very biased) history of the ASCAP action against radio stations. Fascinating listening. Johnny Mercer sings a medley of his famous (ASCAP published) hits. Don't miss "ASCAP's Forum Of The Air." Two new Irving Berlin songs are heard for the first time: "In A Little Old Church In England" and "When That Man Is Dead and Gone" (and possibly never again). Deems Taylor (host), Billy Rose (producer), Al Jolson, Benny Fields, Ethel Merman, Hildegarde, Johnny Mercer, Harry Armstrong, Cole Porter, Bob Carter (announcer). 60:47. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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