Adventure In Reading

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67829. Adventure In Reading. October 31, 1938. NBC net. "Miguel de Cervantes". Sustaining. A dramatized biography of the famous author of "Don Quixote." Captured by the Pasha of Algiers, Cervantes and his brother plan for their escape. Helen Walpole (wrtier), Margaret Leaf (writer). 30:16. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

66996. Adventure In Reading. November 14, 1938. NBC net. "Geoffrey Chaucer". Sustaining. A dramatized biography of Geoffrey Chaucer, the famous English poet, and how he came to write "The Canterbury Tales." Bertram Tanswell, Lowell Gilmore, Alfred Shirley, William Sweatland, Luis Van Rooten, James Church (producer, director), Earle Larrimore, Helen Walpole (writer), Margaret Leaf (writer), Carleton Benton Reid. 29:48. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete.

66711. Adventure In Reading. 1939. NBC net. "Alfred Lord Tennyson". Sustaining. The story of the poet laureate of England, born in 1809. Well dramatized. Earle Larrimore, Helen Walpole (writer, performer), Florence Malone, Ian Martin, Ray Wright, Joseph Curtin, William Thornton, Margaret Leaf (writer). 29:48. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

66731. Adventure In Reading. January 9, 1939. NBC net. "Herman Melville". Sustaining. The story of the famous author, starting with his jumping ship off a whaler and becoming a prisoner of the Typee Indians in the South Seas. The program features an interview with Captain Ahab! Joseph Curtin, Ian Martin, Juano Hernandez, James Church (producer, director), Bill Farrell (narrator), Florence Malone, Carleton Benton Reid, Helen Walpole (writer), Margaret Leaf (writer). 29:55. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

66718. Adventure In Reading. March 27, 1939. NBC net. "Leo Tolstoy". Sustaining. A portrait of the busy family life of the famous Russian author, including his unique plan to give away all his land to the peasants. Carleton Benton Reid, Mary Michael, Edmond O'Brien, George Gaul, Ellen Marr, Beatrice Miller, Helen Walpole (writer), Margaret Leaf (writer), Waldemar Capell. 29:52. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

66712. Adventure In Reading. May 29, 1939. NBC net. "Wilkie Collins". Sustaining. A dramatized biography of the author of the first detective story, "The Moonstone" (which is dramatized). Harriet Sterling, Burford Hampden, Edmond O'Brien, Harold Vermilyea, Patricia Calvert, House Jameson, Ian Martin, Wilkie Collins (author), Helen Walpole (writer), Margaret Leaf (writer). 29:22. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

66715. Adventure In Reading. June 12, 1939. NBC net. "Louisa May Alcott". Sustaining. The story of the famous author and her happy, though impoverished, childhood. The drama tells how she took her family experiences and created her famous book, "Little WWomen." Helen Walpole (writer, performer), Mitzi Gould, Ellen Marr, Harold Vermilyea, Charles Webster, James Van Dyke, Mary Michael, Ray Wright. 29:42. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete.

66716. Adventure In Reading. August 21, 1939. NBC net. "Robert Browning and Elizabeth". Sustaining. The love story between Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett is drmatized. Helen Walpole (writer, performer), Margaret Leaf (writer), Ray Wright, Ian Martin, Burford Hampden, Ellen Marr, George Putnam (narrator), James Church (producer, director). 29:45. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

66713. Adventure In Reading. August 28, 1939. NBC net. "Constance Roarke". Sustaining. The life of James J. Audubon as written by Constance Roarke. Was he really Louis XVII? James Church (producer), Sydney Smith, Elmer Laire, Mary Michael, J. Malcolm Dunne, Glenn Riggs (narrator), Elaine Melchior, Constance Roarke (author), Helen Walpole (writer), Ian Martin. 29:30. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

66752. Adventure In Reading. September 25, 1939. NBC net. "Salem In The Eighteenth Century". Sustaining. A portrait of the famous Massachusetts town in colonial times. There was more than just witchcraft trials, i. e.; Captain Kidd and his treasure, a case of short-weighted bread, the first revolutionary step against the Crown. James Duncan Phillips (author), Helen Walpole (adaptor), Albert Hayes, Elaine Melchior, J. Malcolm Dunne, Glenn Riggs (narrator), James Church (producer, director), Carleton Benton Reid (billed as Carl Reid), Peter Donald, Wesley Addy, Neal O'Malley, Helene Dumoth (?). 29:13. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete.

66751. Adventure In Reading. October 2, 1939. NBC net. "Anton Chekov". Sustaining. A biography of the doctor who wanted to write plays, his early failure with "The Sea Gull," his success and his tuberculosis. Chester Stratton, Carleton Benton Reid, Glenn Riggs (narrator), Waldemar Capell, Lois Austin, Helen Walpole (writer), James Church (producer, director), John Brewster, Charles Webster. 29:06. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

66717. Adventure In Reading. January 22, 1940. NBC net. "James Fennimore Cooper". Sustaining. The story of the famous American author is told after his expulsion from Yale. The biography features his hunting travels with his friend "Leatherstocking," the writing of "The Last Of The Mohicans," his enlistment in the Navy and the start of his career as an author. Helen Walpole (writer), Karl Swenson, Charles Webster, Nancy Marshall, Alan McIntyre, Juano Hernandez, Vincent Donahue. 29:58. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete.

66714. Adventure In Reading. February 5, 1940. NBC net. "Walter Scott". Sustaining. The story of the life of the famous Scots writer. How, as a young man, he was forced to become a legal copyist. How his interest in folk ballads led to immortality as an author. Helen Walpole (writer), Ian Martin, Burford Hampden, Mona Hungerford, J. Malcolm Dunne, Stanley Harrison, Ellen Marr. 30:03. Audio condition: Very good. Complete.

66732. Adventure In Reading. November 27, 1940. NBC net. "Thoreau". Sustaining. Dr. Henry Canby's book about Henry David Thoreau is dramatized. The story tells of how the young man decided to stop teaching and move to Walden pond. Henry Canby (author), Helen Walpole (adaptor), Phillip Coolidge, Lynn Whitney, Peter Donald, Charles Webster, James Church (producer, director), Glenn Riggs, Chester Stratton, James Van Dyke. 29:54. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete.

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