Alexander Nevsky

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94222. Alexander Nevsky. December 8, 1941. BBC. A radio drama produced by the British shortly after Germany invaded Russia; making Russia a de facto ally of the British. The story is a biography of the Russian folk hero Alexander Nevsky, with original music by Sergei Prokofiev. The drama was based on the (still) famous 1938 film of the same name by Sergei Eisenstein. The broadcast was noted for originating from only one studio, not usual for a BBC drama at this time. The program's introduction has been deleted, the play and music are complete. The introduction included comments by the ambassador from the Soviet Union (not heard on this recording). The program is followed by (what sounds to be) live classical music to fill, followed by recorded music. The program has also been dated December 6, 1941 and December 9, 1941. Dennis Young (?), The BBC Symphony Orchestra, Paul Beard (conductor), The BBC Chorus, Jack Livesey, Richard George, Jonathan Field, Stuart Latham, Cecil Transer (?), Laidman Brown, Mark Digman (?), Roy Immerton, Phillip Cunningham, Robert Donat, Sergei Prokofiev (composer), Sergei Eisenstein (screenplay director), Louis MacNeice (writer), Dallas Bower (producer), Allan Wheatley, Leon Quartermain, Milton Rosmer (?), Peggy Ashcroft, Ernest Fessinger (?), Adrian Boult (choral director). 76:16. Audio condition: Excellent. Incomplete.

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