Amalgamated Broadcasting System Inaugural Program

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18598. Amalgamated Broadcasting System Inaugural Program. September 25, 1933. Amalgamated Broadcasting System, WBNX, N.Y. origination and aircheck. Sustaining. The first show heard on the new network, principally owned by Ed Wynn. Nicknamed the "Chaos" broadcast because nothing seemed to go right, the listener doesn't hear much out of the ordinary, just a long, second-rate variety marathon. The first tune is, "Marching Along Together." With Mickey Albert (who sounds just like Harry Richman), Adolphe Kornspan and His Orchestra, "Radio Through The Years"...a musical history of broadcasting, starting with 1923, telegrams of congratulations are read, Vaughn de Leath (introduced as the first star to sing on the first broadcast by Lee De Forest), Albert Catalin and His Orchestra play from the Central Park Casino (a band remote), a switch to WOL, Washington, D.C. for Postmaster General Jim Farley, Federal Radio Commission Chairman Judge E.O. Sykes, Representative (New York) Sol Bloom. Norman Brokenshire introduces former Representative La Guardia, Howard March, Taylor Holmes, Leonid Leonardi, The Grenadiers Quartet, Harry Hershfield, George Hall, Billy Smith's Comadettes, Jules Bledsoe, George Hall and His Hotel Taft Orchestra (remote from the hotel), Loretta Lee, Roxy LaRocca and His Rockettes, James Schermerhorn, Isabel Guanieri, Nina and Rosa, The Amalgamated Dance Orchestra, The Chicago Opera Company remote from the Hippodrome Theatre (in New York). "Musical Pictures" with Daniel Lewis, a band remote with Rex Stewart and His Orchestra, Gerald Griffin, Gene Buck, Rex Stewart and His Empire Orchestra remote from the Empire Ballroom in New York. Kate Smith made her first appearance on radio during this program, but that recording has been deleted. Adolphe Kornspan and His Orchestra, Al Catalin and His Orchestra, Arthur Riley (announcer), Billy Smith's Comadettes, Brooke Allen, Charlotte Buchwald, Daniel Wolfe, Eugene Martin (7-year-old singer), Fiorello La Guardia, Gene Buck, George Hall and His Hotel Taft Orchestra, Gerald Griffen, Harry Hershfield, Helen Eagles, Henry Serian, Howard March, Isabel Guarnueri, James Farley, James Schermerhorn, E. O. Sykes (Federal Radio Commission Chairman), Jules Bledsoe, Leonid Leonardi, Loretta Lee (vocal), Mickey Alpert, Nina and Rosa, Norman Brokenshire (announcer), Rex Stewart and His Orchestra, Roxy LaRocca and His Rockettes, Daniel Lewis, Sol Blume (Congressman), Taylor Holmes, The Amalgamated Dance Orchestra, The Chicago Opera Company, The Grenadiers Quartet, The Radio Arte Quartet, Tom Noonan, Vaughn de Leath, Evette Rugel, Ota Gygi (vice president and general manager of the network), Novia Marinelli ("The Darling Of The Air"), John Henderson. 3:54:36. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Incomplete.

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