America Salutes The President's Birthday

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59759. America Salutes The President's Birthday. January 30, 1943. Pool feed. Sponsored by: March Of Dimes fund appeal. The program is also known as, "A Moment Of The Nation's Time." The program partially originates from the Waldorf Astoria in New York. The first tune is, "The President's Birthday Ball," written for the occasion by Irving Berlin. "The Four Freedoms," a drama written by Norman Corwin, is presented. Basil O'Connor (president of The March Of Dimes) appeals for contributions. The Great Lakes Band plays Stephen Foster tunes from the Great Lakes Naval Training Station. Sergeant Gene Autry sings, "The Yellow Rose Of Texas" from Luke Field, Arizona. Captain Christie Mathewson (son of the famous baseball player) speaks about the Chinese pilots he's training to fight in the Pacific. From Fort Des Moines, The WAAC Band plays, "The Field Artillery March" ("Those Caissons Go Rolling Along") and the chorus sings, "The WAAC Is In Back Of You." From Hollywood: Fibber McGee and Molly appear, and the closet is heard. Artie Shaw and His Orchestra play, "Begin The Beguine" from Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Bing Crosby (in Hollywood) sings, "Home On The Range" for the president. Dick Powell sings "Anchors Aweigh." Billy Williams (vocal), Norman Corwin (writer), Bernard Herrmann (composer), Basil O'Connor, Eleanor Roosevelt, Tommy Ryan, Frank Sinatra, The Great Lakes Band, Gene Autry, Christie Mathewson, The WAAC Band, Jim Jordan, Marian Jordan, Artie Shaw and His Orchestra, Warren Cunningham (announcer), Bing Crosby, Perry Botkin (guitar), Charles Dant and His Orchestra, Dick Powell, Florence George, Clifton Fadiman (New York host), Sammy Kaye and His Orchestra. 59:38. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

6413. America Salutes The President's Birthday. January 29, 1944. Pool feed, CBS net aircheck. Sponsored by: March Of Dimes fund appeal. The program originates from the Waldorf Astoria, New York City. Basil O'Connor, Bob Hope, Conrad Nagel, Dan Seymour, Dinah Shore, Eddie Cantor, Edward R. Murrow (narrator), Frances Langford, Frank Sinatra, Franklin Roosevelt, Garry Moore (host), Georgia Gibbs, Jerry Colonna, Jimmy Durante, Lily Pons, Mary Pickford, Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra, The U. S. Marine Band. 60:00. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

73154. America Salutes The President's Birthday. January 30, 1945. Pool feed/NBC net/KDKA then Mutual/WCAE after 61 mins., Pittsburgh. Sponsored by: March Of Dimes Fund Appeal. The first tune heard is, "I Didn't Know About You." The New York portion originates from the Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria. Don Wilson (announcer), Bing Crosby (Hollywood host), Frank Sinatra, Axel Stordahl and His Orchestra, Judy Garland, John Scott Trotter and His Orchestra, Basil O'Connor (President of the March of Dimes, makes an emotional appeal for dimes), Quentin Reynolds (m.c.), Woody Herman and His Orchestra, Joan Edwards, Jack Benny (plays a violin solo, "To A Wild Rose"), Larry Stevens, Phil Harris, Eddie Anderson, David Frank Stamp (Postmaster of Dimebox, Texas), Louis Casuri (from Dimebox, Texas), Eleanor Roosevelt (reads a letter from Franklin), The Great Lakes Naval Training Center Orchestra (plays, "Our Waltz" from the Navy Base in Illinois), The Great Lakes Naval Training Center Chorus (of 1000 voices), The Santa Ana Orchestra and Chorus (from Santa Ana, California), Eddie Dunstedter (conductor), Ken Carpenter (announcer). 1:08:27. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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