Hello Americans

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97973. Hello Americans. November 15, 1942. Program #1. CBS net. Sustaining. The first show of the series. The program (by imagination) originates from Brazil. The first tune is a samba, several of them in fact. Just when your radio starts to sway its hips, Carmen Miranda arrives at the microphone. Orson had recently returned from Rio and joins Carmen singing a tune in Portuguese. Carmen then takes Orson (and listeners) on a tour through the instruments of a samba orchestra. It's a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience. Bravo! Listen carefully (about 21 minutes into the show) for Orson's back-of-the-hand for William Randolph Hearst. Orson Welles, Carmen Miranda, Lud Gluskin and His Orchestra. 28:28. Audio condition: Very good. Complete.

60688. Hello Americans. November 22, 1942. Program #2. CBS net. Sustaining. An elegant Orsonian portrait of the liberators and conquistadores of South Americas: "Pizarro: El Conquistador," "Simon Bolivar: El Liberador," and Jose de San Martin. Well done, excellent radio. Agnes Moorehead, Ray Collins, Hans Conried, Pedro De Cordoba, Bernard Herrmann (conductor), Carlos Gomez (composer), Norman Rosten (poet), Ted Reid, Barbara Jean Wong, Justin Ailey (? composer), Orson Welles, Lud Gluskin and His Orchestra, Gerald Mohr, Edmond O'Brien. 29:38. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

60689. Hello Americans. November 29, 1942. Program #3. CBS net. Sustaining. A portrait of a Haitian dictator ("The Emperor Christophe") and Toussant L'Overture. Well done, good radio! Orson Welles, Ray Collins, Hans Conried, Gerald Mohr. 29:31. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

60690. Hello Americans. December 6, 1942. Program #4. CBS net. "The Alphabet Of The Islands". Sustaining. Orson doesn't get past "C" in his Caribbean alphabet, but the show is well-written and Welles is at his best. Good radio! Orson Welles (performer, director), Hans Conried, Agnes Moorehead, Ray Collins, Miguelito Valdez, Ted Reid, Gerald Mohr, Lucien Moraweck (composer), Lud Gluskin (conductor). 29:41. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

60691. Hello Americans. December 13, 1942. Program #5. CBS net. "The Alphabet Of The Islands". Sustaining. The "alphabet" continues, starting with "C" and getting all the way to "S" (which stands for "slavery"). Well done! Orson Welles, Lou Merrill, Gerald Mohr, Agnes Moorehead, Sir Lancelot, Hans Conried, Lud Gluskin (composer, conductor). 29:34. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

60692. Hello Americans. December 20, 1942. Program #6. CBS net. "The Alphabet Of The Islands". Sustaining. A story of slavery in the Caribbean, leading to Henri Christophe and Toussant L'Overture. The conclusion of the alphabet. Orson Welles (performer, producer, writer), Gerald Mohr, Ted Reid, Norman Field, John Tucker Battle (co-writer), Lucien Moraweck (composer), Lud Gluskin (conductor). 29:52. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

60693. Hello Americans. December 27, 1942. Program #7. CBS net. "The Bad-Will Ambassador". Sustaining. A well-written and performed story about an "ugly American" south of the border, and the strange "American" he meets at Christmastime. Orson Welles, Hans Conried, Norman Field, Ted Reid, Pedro De Cordoba, John Tucker Battle, Lucien Moraweck (composer), Lud Gluskin (conductor). 29:36. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

60695. Hello Americans. January 3, 1943. Program #8. CBS net. "Ritmos De La Americas". Sustaining. Orson Welles is ill and does not appear. The program is the eighth of the series, but a series of announcements indicates that it's not really part of the series. See cat. #60694. Sir Lancelot sings a calypso about Pearl Harbor! Lud Gluskin and His Orchestra, Tito Guizar (host), Dick Joy (announcer), Miguelito Valdez, Sir Lancelot. 29:34. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

60694. Hello Americans. January 10, 1943. Program #9. CBS net. Sustaining. A portrait of Cortez and Montezuma in old Mexico, of Benito Juarez, Emiliano Zapata and other stories of Mexico. The program is announced as the eighth in the series, but is really the ninth. See cat. #60695. Orson Welles, Hans Conried, Lou Merrill, Laird Cregar, Agnes Moorehead, Ray Collins, Lucien Moraweck (composer), Lud Gluskin (conductor). 29:38. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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