The ABC Radio Workshop

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93514. The ABC Radio Workshop. September 26, 1950. ABC net. "The Black Dahlia". Sustaining. Is this show for real? It doesn't sound like it is. The writer credited is well-known, none of the performers are. The performances are at best, "amateurs." The story by James Ellroy wasn't written until 1987, although it was based on the real 1947 murder of Elizabeth Short. The ABC Radio Workshop ran for only a short time in 1953. The announcer says, "Another dramatic production from Studio Y." The announcer jumps a cue at the program closing and then starts laughing during a promotional announcement for, "The Adventures Of Ozzie and Harriet." None of this has anything to do with Raymond Chandler's famous, "The Blue Dahlia." Sidney Marshall (writer), John Ayres (? narrator), David Langston, Joe Fleming, Irving Bennett, George Beckwar (?), Miles Dixon, Glen Hooper, Harry Brookshire, Jack Finch, Alec McCombe, Henri Skodja, Daryl Lynn, Julie Danton, Marjorie Davies, Diana Hendley (?), Gina Gaines (?), Jane Kerr, Harry Gillingham (composer, conductor), Steven Gregory (sound effects), Dick Wilson (engineer), Steven E. Markham (director). 29:49. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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