The Adventures Of Michael Shayne

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99110. The Adventures Of Michael Shayne. April 3, 1953. ABC net. "The Case Of The Queen Of Narcotics". Sustaining. Shayne is out to nail Rogell, an undertaker who sells dope to young people. The story is built around the dramatic scene of a young heroin addict explaining his addiction. Dick York is excellent in the lead. The system cue has been deleted. Brett Halliday (creator), William P. Rousseau (director), Dick York, Louis Sorin, Roc Rogers, George Petrie, Louis Hayward (writer), Joe Giuliano (? arranger, conductor), Jack Barry (producer), Vinton Hayworth, Dorothy Donahue, Dan Enright (producer). 29:36. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete as above.

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