The Adventures Of The Scarlet Cloak

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96747. The Adventures Of The Scarlet Cloak. February 15, 1950. An audition recording. Brad Carver is a clone of Zorro in old Monterrey. A well-written and well-produced-if-somehwat-predicatable story. Interestingly, the sales message mentions that the performers on this program (none of which except the lead receive any billing) are "visually appealing," so that after this radio series switches to television, potential sponsors will have the benefit of both media. Wendell Niles, Paul Frees (announcer, performer), Gerald Mohr (narrator, performer), Lyn Murray (music), Joel Murcott (writer), Vic Hunter (producer), Dee Englebach (director). 30:52. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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