The All-American Sports Show

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93822. The All-American Sports Show. July 17, 1953. Program #2. NBC net. Sustaining. A dramatized biography of golfer Ben Hogan. Well-produced and narrated much in the style of Bill Stern, but not quite as hyperactive. A recording is played of Hogan sinking a 50-foot uphill putt to win the National Open. The organist is excellent! Joe Hassell (host), Ben Hogan (by recording), Cliff Cameron (organ), Daniel Sutter (producer, director), Jack C. Wilson (writer). 29:42. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

95703. The All-American Sports Show. July 24, 1953. Program #3. NBC net. "The Story Of Rocky Marciano". Sustaining. Joe Hassell (narrator), Ray Barrett (announcer), Daniel Sutter (producer, transcriber), Jack C. Wilson (writer), Paul Taubman (organist), Sandy Strauss, Charles Penman, Richard Holland. 29:52. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

95704. The All-American Sports Show. July 31, 1953. Program #4. NBC net. "The Sport Of Kings". Sustaining. The story of Tod Sloan and Ted Atkinson, famous jockeys. The show explains how, "Yankee Doodle Dandy" was written by George M. Cohan in honor of Tod Sloan. Joe Hassell (narrator), Ray Barrett (announcer), Jack C. Wilson (writer), Daniel Sutter (producer, director), Paul Taubman (organist), Richard Holland. 29:50. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

95705. The All-American Sports Show. August 14, 1953. Program #6. NBC net. "The Story Of General Robert Neyland". Sustaining. The story of the head football coach at the University of Tennessee, who will be retiring next week. Joe Hassell (narrator), Ray Barrett (announcer), Frank Clement (Governor of Tennessee), George Lefferts (writer), Fred Weihe (director), Paul Taubman (organist), Wendell Holmes. 29:47. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

95706. The All-American Sports Show. August 28, 1953. Program #8. NBC net. "The Story Of Babe Didriksen Zaharias". Sustaining. "The story of a women who couldn't lose, because she was a woman who wouldn't lose." The program ends with an inspiring interview with Babe, who is still playing tournament golf, despite having cancer. Joe Hassell (narrator), Ray Barrett (announcer), Babe Didrikson Zaharias, Dick Noble (interviewer), Fred Weihe (director), Rolly Bester, Wendell Holmes, Jane Webb, Bill Smith, Bill Auden (?), Robert Cenedella (writer), Ed Begley, Denise Alexander, Paul Taubman (organist). 29:30. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

95707. The All-American Sports Show. September 4, 1953. Program #9. NBC net. "The Story Of Lawn Tennis". Sustaining. Evie Juster, Ray Barrett (announcer), John Sylvester, William Keene, Roger De Koven, Fred Weihe (director), Bob Haag, Luis Van Rooten, Robert Cenedella (writer), Paul Taubman (organist), Joe Hassell (narrator), Don Budge (tennis player), Owen Jordan. 29:54. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

95708. The All-American Sports Show. September 15, 1953. NBC net. The Story Of Graham McNamee". Sustaining. Veteran announcer and sportscaster Phillips Carlin remembers the early days at NBC. He tells fascinating stories about when WEAF had only two studios and one control booth. He and Graham were the only two announcers. Don't miss the stories about the dead fish and the open-mike profanity. Phillips Carlin tells about McNamee's first broadcast...a prize fight. Graham recalls the first coast-to-coast broadcast on January 1, 1927. Valuable radio history. Joe Hassell (narrator), Graham McNamee (by recording), Phillips Carlin, Ken Carpenter (by recording). 26:56. Audio condition: Excellent. Incomplete.

95709. The All-American Sports Show. September 29, 1953. NBC net. "The Story Of The Brooklyn Dodgers". Sustaining. Joe Hassell's voice tracks only. The last show of the series. Joe Hassell (narrator). 14:47. Audio condition: Excellent. Incomplete.

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