The American Veterans Committee Salutes Al Jolson

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73067. The American Veterans Committee Salutes Al Jolson. October 1, 1946. Mutual net. Commercials deleted. The program originates from Hollywood. However, the banquet in honor of Jolson, originates from New York. The dinner is given by "The Veterans Committee" of New York. Charles Poltay (?), the chairman, is heard. Eddie Cantor sings, "Toot, Toot, Tootsie" (from San Francisco). Eddie thanks Desi Arnaz after the song (it might have been Desi Arnaz and His Orchestra acompanying him). Frank Sinatra appears from the Hotel Astor in New York City (with Morris Stoloff and His Orchestra). Jessel does justice to "Swanee." Hildegarde sings "April Showers," accompanied by Mitchell Ayres and His Orchestra. George Burns and Gracie Allen wonder why Columbia Pictures doesn't make "The George Burns Story" instead of "The Jolson Story." Perry Como (in New York) mentions this tribute as being on the ABC net (it might have been, but this is definitely a Mutual net aircheck). Jolson makes an emotional speech of thanks and does not sing! A recording of "Mammy" is played, transcribed from "The Jolson Story." Bill Goodwin (announcer), George Jessel (host), Jimmy Walker (co-host in New York), Eddie Cantor, Desi Arnaz and His Orchestra (?), Dinah Shore (from Hollywood), Bob Hope (from San Francisco), Frank Sinatra, Morris Stoloff and His Orchestra, Hildegarde, Mitchell Ayres and His Orchestra, George Burns, Gracie Allen, Perry Como, Martha Raye, Charles Poltay (?), Al Jolson, Ed Cashman (producer, director), Carroll Carroll (writer, editor), Perry Lafferty (producer, director). 51:21. Audio condition: Excellent. Otherwise complete.

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