The Angel Hall Playhouse

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67691. The Angel Hall Playhouse. April 28, 1949. WHRV, Ann Arbor, Michigan. "The Man Who Lost His Tongue". Sustaining. Produced in co-operation with the University Of Michigan, Department Of Speech. The story of Peter Williams and his fight against Ephasia. An extremely well-written and performed drama about a wounded war veteran, and his slow road to recovery. Frank Bosner (announcer), Garnet Garrison (supervisor), Dick Charlton (narrator), Richard Etlinger, Carolyn Doherty, Shirley Dancey, Al Fetting, Betty Jane Holton, Ed Potts, Dick Rifenberg, Thomas Mitchell Sawyer (writer), John Rich (host, director), Marilyn Shields, John Rich (director). 29:44. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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