Ansbro, George

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47003. The Lux Radio Theatre. May 3, 1943. CBS net. "The Navy Comes Through". Sponsored by: Lux, Vimms. An adventure in the Atlantic aboard a merchant ship, fighting Nazi submarines! Ruth Hussey is a last-minute substitute for Ruth Warrick, who couldn't appear because her house burned down the previous day. The story was produced on The Lux Radio Theatre again on November 29, 1943 (see cat. #46394). Ruth Hussey, Cecil B. DeMille, Charles Seel (doubles), Edward Marr, Edwin Mills, Fred MacKaye (doubles), George Sorel, Griff Barnett (doubles), Harry Fleischman (doubles), John Milton Kennedy (announcer), Leo Cleary (doubles), Louis Silvers (music director), Noel Madison (doubles), Norman Field (doubles), Warren Ashe (doubles), Lynn Martin (commercial spokesman), Doris Singleton (commercial spokesman: as "Libby"), Ray Chanslor (screenwriter), Aeneas MacKensie (screenwriter), Bordon Chase (author), Earl Baldwin (adaptor), John Twist (adaptor), Sanford Barnett (director), George Wells (adaptor), Charlie Forsyth (sound effects), Frances Rich (daughter of Irene Rich, recruiting appeal for the WAVES), Pat O'Brien, George Murphy. 59:33. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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