Bailey, Bob

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49431. The Breakfast Club. December 8, 1941. NBC net. Sustaining. Blue Net Pearl Harbor Coverage. Part 43. 9:00 to 10:00 A. M. The first tune is "I Got Swing For Sale" (a great rhythm number by The Vagabonds). Bulletin at 9:11: the Chinese government has declared war against the Axis, other war news. At 9:15, John MacVane reports from London. Britain has declared war on Japan, a summary of Churchill's statement. Charles Collingwood comments on the British statements. The Netherlands has declared war against Japan. Exciting listening as Collingwood and MacVane swap alternating bulletins. Late news from New York. (16 minutes). Switch to London at 9:38 with more news and summaries of Churchill's speech by John MacVane and Charles Collingwood. "This was not a good example of Churchill's oratory" (5 minutes). Back to the Breakfast Club at 9:45. Bill Krentz (piano), Charles Collingwood (CBS), Don McNeill, Jack Baker (vocal), John MacVane, Joseph Gallicchio and His Orchestra, Nancy Martin, Pat Padgett, Pick Malone, The Vagabonds. 60:03. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete.

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