Brandt, Mel

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23006. The Cavalcade Of America. June 3, 1952. NBC net. "The Long Gray Line". Commercials deleted. "Duty, Honor, Country" and the stories of the three great leaders of West Point: Sylvanus Thayer, Dennis Mahan, Peter Smith Michie. Cornel Wilde, Cy Harrice (announcer), Mercer McLeod, Staats Cotsworth (doubles), Scott Tennyson, Richard Purdy, Lon Clark, James McCallion, Haskell Coffin, George Petrie, Lee Salisbury (doubles), Bernard Lenrow, R. Ernest Dupay (author), George Faulkner (adaptor), H. L. Blackburn (producer), Jack Zoller (director), Arden Cornwell (composer), Donald Voorhees (conductor). 26:07. Audio condition: Excellent. Otherwise complete.

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