Dudley, Dick

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These are all the programs in the radioGOLDINdex database which credit this artist. These listings are accurate as of July 22, 2016. The programs are listed chronologically, partial dates appear first, unknown dates appear last.

104292. Life and Works. April 14, 1940. Program #6. WNYC, New York City. "A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court". A dramatization of the famous story. Arthur Elmer, Dorothy Trevino, Shelley Howell, David Bartell, Anne Burr, Seymour Sosenburg, Paul Talbot, Wyman Holmes (?), Harry Gordon, Noreen Scott, Edwin Clay, Nathan Ackerman, Walter Black, Alvin Field, Mark Twain (author), Richard Pack (adaptor), Louis Horowitz (adaptor), Mitchell Grayson (director), Harry Lydenburg (commentator, The New York Public Library), Alan Ray (announcer), Frank Birmingham (sound technician), Eugene Vaseloo (sound technician), Lee Frey (sound technician), Dan Enright (studio controls), George Weeks (music selector), Joe Lewis (recording engineer). 63:33. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

104293. Life and Works. June 2, 1940. WNYC, New York City. "Three Soldiers". John Dos Pasos (author), Edward Goldberger (adaptor), Mitchell Grayson (director), David Eaton, Charles Trayner, Ralph Elliott, Gene Logan, Alan Harvey, George Madison, Nathan Ackerman, Shelley Hall, Wyman Holmes, Dan Enright (studio engineer), Joe Lewis (recording), Frank Birmingham (sound effects). 43:18. Audio condition: Very good. Incomplete.

2461. Put Up Or Shut Up. January 4, 1946. Allied Radio Productions audition. Jack Barry hosts this show where the contestants have to put up a forfeit before they try to answer the questions. Jack Barry (host), John Scott (announcer), Dan Enright (producer). 33:08. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

20250. Brain Train. July 24, 1947. Mutual net. Sustaining. A cleaver quiz with young conterstants guessing the answers to dramatized questions. The program has a cross-country railroad theme. Dan Enright, Jack Barry (host). 22:38. Audio condition: Excellent. Incomplete.

2475. Juvenile Jury. June 19, 1949. Mutual net. Sponsored by: Gaines Dog Food, Log Cabin Syrup. The young panel answers questions sent in by equally young listeners. The first question is from a young girl whose birthday is on March 15th, income tax day. Jack Barry (m.c.), Dan Enright (producer), John Scott (announcer). 29:44. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

2476. Juvenile Jury. June 26, 1949. Mutual net. Sponsored by: Gaines Dog Food, Log Cabin Syrup. The jury answers questions sent in by listeners. The first question is about a youngster who fancies himself a duelist. The last show of the season. Jack Barry (m.c.), Dan Enright (producer). 29:30. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

2477. Life Begins At Eighty. September 24, 1949. Mutual net. Sustaining. Host Jack Barry helps the staff octogenarians to answer questions sent in by listeners. The last show of the season. Jack Barry (creator, m. c.), George Lauten (consultant), Virginia Willard, Fred Stein, Georgianna Carr, Ella Pomeroy, William A. Woodbury (guest, founder of Woodbury Soap), Dan Enright (producer), John St. Ledger (announcer). 29:46. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

81981. The Joe DiMaggio Show. April 15, 1950. NBC net. Sustaining. The first show of the series on NBC. "The Kids Vs. Grownups Sports Quiz." Joe answers questions from listeners. The program dramatizes Tom Meany's favorite sports story. At the end of the show, Joe has trouble pronouncing his own name! Joe DiMaggio, Jack Barry (host), Tom Meany (sportwriter with Collier's Magazine), Tommy Hendrix (guest ball player), Everett Sloane, Leon Janney, Ed Latimer, Arlo (organist), Gene Schorr (? sports consultant), Mike Oppenheimer (writer), Dan Enright (director), Fred Collins (announcer). 29:58. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete.

81982. The Joe DiMaggio Show. May 20, 1950. NBC net. Sustaining. Joe answers questions from listeners. The kids in the audience compete against the grownups in a sports quiz. Joe Trembles tells his favorite sports story about Lou Boudreau. Joe DiMaggio, Jack Barry (host), Arlo (organist), Dan Enright (director), Joe Trimble (? sportswriter of the New York Daily News), Lou Boudreau (guest), David Armstrong (presents Joe DiMaggio with the first trophy awarded by The Boys Club). 30:03. Audio condition: Good to very good. Complete.

99110. The Adventures Of Michael Shayne. April 3, 1953. ABC net. "The Case Of The Queen Of Narcotics". Sustaining. Shayne is out to nail Rogell, an undertaker who sells dope to young people. The story is built around the dramatic scene of a young heroin addict explaining his addiction. Dick York is excellent in the lead. The system cue has been deleted. Brett Halliday (creator), William P. Rousseau (director), Dick York, Louis Sorin, Roc Rogers, George Petrie, Louis Hayward (writer), Joe Giuliano (? arranger, conductor), Jack Barry (producer), Vinton Hayworth, Dorothy Donahue, Dan Enright (producer). 29:36. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete as above.

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