Dudley, Dick

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50416. The New Stan Freberg Show. November 1991. NPR net, WDUQ-FM, Pittsburgh, WETA-FM Washington D. C. origination. Sustaining. The first show of the series. Co-produced by NPR and the BBC. "Face Lift The Nation" (a round-table discussion of plastic surgeons), Stephen Foster gets writer's block (very funny!), "The Yuppy Restaurant: 'Novelle Grub'," "The Curse Of The Freberg Answering Machines," "Fugue For Fax," Stan interviews the Abominable Snowman once again, "Night Of The Living Democrats," a walk inside Stan's head (The Theatre Of The Mind), an interview with a spy who runs "Espionage R Us," a visit to the Air and Space Museum, The Freberg Yasser Arafat Beard Theory, Pop Faithcorn, a Japanese movie mogul, "The Freberg Zone," "Hole In The Ozone Update," "Rumplemeyer's Horseshoes." The date is approximate. Billy May and His Orchestra, David Arkenstires, Donna Epsom, Donna Freberg (producer), Donovan Freberg, Harry Sheer, June Foray, Naomi Lewis, Ray Bradbury (author), Stan Freberg, The Jilly Bryant Singers. 57:38. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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