Dudley, Dick

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86326. Premier Of "Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs". December 21, 1937. Blue Network. Sustaining. 11:45 P. M. The program originates from the Cathay Circle Theatre in Hollywood. Many celebrities are interviewed, most of them briefly. An orchestra in the lobby accompanies Adriana Caselotti (who was the voice of "Snow White") singing, "With A Smile and A Song." Harry Stockwell (who was unbilled in the part of "The Prince") sings, "One Song." Walt Disney admits to being nervous, this was the first full-length animated film. He can only remember the names of four of the dwarfs! Amos and Andy appear in character. The description of the small house built for the dwarfs on Wilshire Boulevard is almost surrealistic. Real dwarfs occupied it before the premier. The description makes it sound like many of the "animatronic" exhibits that would eventually be built at Disneyland. An historic broadcast and fun listening. Don Wilson (announcer), Buddy Twiss (announcer), Manny Harmon (conductor), Leo Spitt (? President, RKO Radio Pictures), Jesse Lasky, Freeman Gosden, Charles Correll, Bob Burns, Joe Penner, Fred Perry, Vitale Vincent, George McCall, Adriana Caselotti, Charlie Chaplin, Walt Disney, Pinto Colvig (as Donald Duck, Mickey and Minnie Mouse are also heard, possibly voiced by Disney), Gail Patrick, Jimmy Starr, Dave Hand (supervising director of the film), Harry Stockwell, Ed Sullivan, Preston Foster, Sally Eilers, Louella Parsons. 29:26. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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