Gerson, Betty Lou

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These are all the programs in the radioGOLDINdex database which credit this artist. These listings are accurate as of February 01, 2017. The programs are listed chronologically, partial dates appear first, unknown dates appear last.

90109. The Fleischmann's Yeast Hour. March 2, 1933. Red net. Sponsored by: Commercials deleted.. The first tune is, "The Maine Stein Song." Harry Jans and Harold Whelan do their vaudeville routine (they sound like they've been doing this act for years, and they're pretty good!). Bert Lytell appears in a scene from, "The Valiant" (the script was subsequently used on "Guy Hedlund and Company" on April 12, 1941 (see cat. #93238), "Theatre Of Romance" on June 12, 1945 (see cat. #60701), "Lady Esther Screen Guild Theatre" on September 17, 1945 (see cat. #23116) and "Favorite Story" on April 4, 1948 (see cat. #53913). Lita Grey Chaplin (divorced from Charlie Chaplin in 1927) appears in an original musical titled, "Subway Blues." Pauline Alpert, a protege of George Gershwin, plays a very impressive, "Here Lies Love." In one chorus, there's either a second pianist or she's doing an excellent imitation of a QRS piano roll! The vaudeville team of Savoy and Brennan were headliners at the Palace, until the day in 1923 Bert Savoy heard thunder rumble while walking along a beach. He said, "Ain't Miss God cutting up something awful." Seconds later, he was hit by a bolt of lightning, making a most dramatic and theatrical exit! Jay Brennan carried on the act with a different female impersonator, Stanley Rogers. The act became known as, "Brennan and Rogers." An excellent show. Jimmy Wallington (announcer), Harry Jans, Harold Whelan, Bert Lytell, George Gaul, Elizabeth Love (Sheila Mannering), Halworthy Hall, Robert Middlemass (author, performer), Lita Grey Chaplin, Pauline Alpert, Jay Brennan, Stanley Rogers, Brennan and Rogers, Rudy Vallee, The Connecticut Yankees. 56:23. Audio condition: Excellent. Incomplete.

90113. The Fleischmann's Yeast Hour. July 6, 1933. Red net. Sponsored by: Fleischmann's Yeast. In a change from the usual format, guest Bert Lytell announces the names of the other guests on the program. The first tune is, "I May Be Dancing With Somebody Else, I Keep On Thinking Of You." Professor Phineas A. Sylvester lectures on the subject of fish (while in costume, without trousers). The Hertz Brothers play a fascinating duet of, "Who?" and "Danse Hungrois" (by Rudy Weidoeft). They are just great! Rudy introduces a scene from a play, which he says, "is not really good radio material at all," "Death Takes A Holiday." Vaudevillians Willie and Eugene Howard do a routine (Willie has a "female watch," it's always an hour late!), Oy! Rudy Vallee, The Connecticut Yankees, Jimmy Wallington (announcer), Bert Lytell, Gilda Gray, Louis Alter (pianist for Gilda Gray), Reginald Carrington, The Hertz Brothers (saxophone and accordion), Willie Howard, Eugene Howard. 54:35. Audio condition: Excellent. Incomplete.

34947. The General Tire Revue. August 24, 1934. Red net, WEAF, New York aircheck. Sponsored by: General Tire. The cast does, "The Rise Of The The House Of Rawchild." Jack Benny, Don Wilson, Mary Livingstone, Frank Parker, Don Bestor and His Orchestra, Harry Baldwin, Sam Hearn, Mary Kelly, Bert Lytell. 22:05. Audio condition: Very good. Incomplete.

81007. The Shell Show. May 29, 1937. NBC net, WEAF, New York aircheck. Sponsored by: Shell. 9:30 P.M. The first tune is, "Thou Swell." Connie Mack tells about his fifty-fourth season in baseball and winning his first pennant in 1902. He recalls the first World Series in 1905 (and is corrected before the show ends, it took place in 1903). Rufe Davis sings, "Mama Don't Allow" (with very unusual effects). He says, "Listen to this Robert Burns," and imitates a "Bazooka!" Jesse Owens is interviewed about running; he currently holds eight world records. Bert Lynn (billed as "the inventor of the electric guitar"), plays his new instrument, the "Vibralynn" for the first time on the air. He plays a "Memorial Day Medley" which includes machine guns and airplanes! His rendition of, "My Buddy" is quite moving. "The Bishop's Candlesticks" from "Les Miserables" is dramatized. Walter Hampden, Bert Lytell, Connie Mack, Ben Grauer (announcer), Louis D'Angelo (? Metropolitan Opera basso), Louise D'Angelo (his daugher, a soprano), Rufe Davis (imitates an outboard motor, cats fighting, a canary and other animals), Jesse Owens, Bert Lynn, The Shell Quartet, Blanche McGraw (wife of John McGraw), Joe Cook (m. c.), Ernie Watson and His Orchestra. 59:55. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

4672. The Star-Spangled Theatre. February 16, 1941. Blue Network. "Road Romeo". Sustaining. A comedy about a tough truck driver who gets a job delivering delicate cosmetics. Geraldine Spreckles, Lester Allen, Gilbert Martin (announcer), Gloria Stewart, E. A. Ellington (writer), Bert Lytell (host), Keenan Wynn, Tom Bennett (composer), Paul Lavalle (conductor). 28:30. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

64666. The Star-Spangled Theatre. August 3, 1941. Blue Network. "The Gypsy Hand". Sustaining. The story is introduced by "the witch" from "The Witch's Tale." A doctor is cursed by a gypsy musician after he's forced to amputate the gypsy's hand. A month after the gypsy dies, the gypsy's other hand seeks revenge. Isabel Jewell spends most of the program in hysterics. See cat. #2234 for the script used on, "The Witch's Tale." Isabel Jewell, Ernie Watson (composer), Bert Lytell (host, performer), Alonzo Deen Cole (writer, performer), Paul Lavalle (conductor), Miriam Wolfe (the witch), Gilbert Martin (announcer). 29:23. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete.

445. Stage Door Canteen. December 3, 1942. CBS net. Sponsored by: Corn Products Company. Connie Boswell opens the program with, "Why Don't You Fall In Love With Me?" Robert Benchley lectures on the birds and the bees..and fish! Part of the final commercial and the system cue have been deleted. Bert Lytell (host), Connie Boswell, David Ross (announcer), Eddie Green, Louella Parsons, Raymond Paige and His Orchestra, Robert Benchley, The Benny Goodman Sextet. 29:16. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Incomplete.

22132. Stage Door Canteen. August 12, 1943. CBS net. Sponsored by: Corn Products Company (Dextrose and Mazola Oil). Jack Smith and Mary Martin sing tunes from "Oklahoma," Richards Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein talk about their hit show. Mary Martin and Una Merkel do a comedy routine. Bert Lytell (host), Raymond Paige and His Orchestra, Jack Smith, Mary Martin, Una Merkel, Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein. 1/2 hour. Audio condition: Very good. Complete.

6084. American Pilgrimage. November 19, 1944. CBS net. Sponsored by: 6th War Loan. A series of moving interviews with the parents of soldiers around the country. Cecil B. DeMille, Jean Hersholt, Victor Jory (narrator), Milton Bacon, Jim Crocker, Bert Lytell, Robert Teller, Alexander Semmler (composer, conductor), Robert Lewis Shayon (producer, director), Howard Barnes (producer, director). 29:40. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

9058. President Franklin Roosevelt Memorial Program. April 9, 1946. Mutual net. Sustaining. A tearful look backward, one year after his death. The system cue has been deleted. Bert Lytell, Berry Kroeger, Martha Scott. 28:20. Audio condition: Excellent. Apparently complete.

26563. Decision Now!. August 3, 1947. Program #27. American Legion syndication. "Victory Day: The United Nations," "Twice Is Too Often". Recorded June 28, 1947, for broadcast August 3, 1947. Advice from a dying the peoples of the world. Bert Lytell, Mandel Kramer. 15 minutes. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete.

42401. The Theatre Guild On The Air. October 19, 1947. ABC net, KECA, Los Angeles aircheck. "Lady In The Dark". Sponsored by: United States Steel. The program originates from the Opera House, Boston. The plain head of a glamour magazine has problems with men, life, and a song that won't stop. The series is also known as, "The United States Steel Hour." Alan Hewitt, Armina Marshall (executive producer), Barbara Townsend, Bert Lytell, Carol Irwin (production executive), Gene Crockett, George Hicks, Gertrude Lawrence, Harold Levey (composer, conductor), Homer Fickett (director), Jack Manning, James Monks, Jane Seymour, John Conte (announcer), Kurt Weill (author), Lawrence Langner (supervisor), Moss Hart, Norman Brokenshire (announcer), Philip Lewis (adaptor), Roger Pryor, Terry Harris, Theresa Helburn (supervisor). 59:21. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

49650. The Tony Awards. March 28, 1948. Mutual net. Sustaining. The second annual Antoinette Perry Awards ceremony, from the Grand Ballroom of The Hotel Waldorf Astoria. Bert Lytell, James E. Sauter and Brock Pemberton speak on behalf of The American Theatre Wing. Many performers accept their awards and make short speeches of thanks. Jimmy Stewart also presents an award. Bert Lytell, James E. Sauter, Brock Pemberton, Judith Anderson, Jessica Tandy, Paul Kelly, Basil Rathbone, Henry Fonda, Grace Hartman, Paul Hartman, Vera-Ellen, Jimmy Stewart, Paul Jonas (producer), Jack Irish (announcer). 14:29. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

93040. The Tex and Jinx Show. April 3, 1952. WNBC, New York City. Participating sponsors. 8:30 A. M. A tribute luncheon to Jane Froman was held yesterday at the Waldorf Astoria. Jinx reads a very long list of those celebrities who atteneded, then plays recordings made at the luncheon. "With A Song In My Heart" is opening tomorrow. Jane makes a speech of thanks after the presentation of a plaque. Jinx is planning to play more of it tomorrow. Jinx Falkenburg, Thelma Ritter, Josephine Hull, John Golden, Jane Froman, Bert Lytell, Frederick Coudert, Al Mitchman (20th Century Fox), Susan Hayward, Abe Lastvogel (describes how he arranged for Jane to go to Europe to entertain for the USO), Charles Quisenberry, Henry Mullman (? director of the South African Information Service). 59:26. Audio condition: Good to very good. Incomplete.

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