Gerson, Betty Lou

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34885. Town Hall Tonight. January 15, 1936. Red net. Sponsored by: Ipana, Sal Hepatica. The program starts in an unusual way. The first tune is, "Great Day." The first item of "The Town Hall News" is about the schools in Yonkers. The "Mighty Allen Art Players" do their version of, "Home On The Range," or, "The Only Way A Cowboy Can Cure His Bow Legs Is To Put His Horse On A Diet." Amateur contestants: The Three Jays (harmony singing and finger dancing). They sing a totally unique arrangement of, "Sweet Sue," using their mouths as intruments. They go the Mills Brothers one step better. Foy Allen (sings and plays the piano). Betty Douglas and David Zuritsky imitate Fred Allen and Portland! The Three Tempos play, "Who's Sorry Now." Harriet Silver (singer), 17-year-old Carl Vosberg (pianist). Fred Allen, Harry Von Zell, Minerva Pious, Peter Van Steeden and His Orchestra, Portland Hoffa, The Ipana Troubadours, The Town Hall Quartet, Walter Tetley, Jim Harkins, The Three Jays, Betty Douglas, David Zuritsky, Foy Allen, The Three Tempos, Harriet Silver. 59:38. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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