McGarry, Mack

Copyright 2014, J. David Goldin.

These are all the programs in the radioGOLDINdex database which credit this artist. These listings are accurate as of January 17, 2014. The programs are listed chronologically, partial dates appear first, unknown dates appear last.

22086. Command Performance. July 14, 1942. Program #22. AFRS origination. Richard Haydn appear as the only "fish mimic" in the world! The recording date above is subject to correction. The program does not end with a system cue. Edward Arnold (m. c.), Paul Douglas (announcer), Ethel Waters, Richard Haydn, Jascha Heifetz, Jack Benny, The RKO Studio Orchestra, Constantine Bakaleinikoff (conductor), Reginald Beane (a member of the trio accompanying Ethel Waters), Laura Vaughns (a member of the trio acompanying Ethel Waters), Ella Lashley (a member of the trio acompanying Ethel Waters), Emanual Bey (pianist accompanying Heifitz). 29:3. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

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