Niles, Wendell

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10070. Thirty Minutes In Hollywood. February 27, 1938. Program #21. Mutual-Don Lee net. Sponsored by: The Southern California Fish Institute (Southern California sponsor). An all-vaudeville show. George Jessel appears with George Moran as "The Two Black Crows" (and sounds just like Charles Mack). Amy Arnell, Karlmeyer's Trained Canines, George Jessel, George Moran (of "The Two Black Crows"), Norma Talmadge, Smith and Dale, Joe Smith (of "Smith and Dale" and "The Avon Comedy Four"), Charles Dale (of "Smith and Dale" and "The Avon Comedy Four"), The Avon Comedy Four, Will Lester (possibly heard as part of "The Avon Comedy Four"), Jack Coleman (possibly heard as part of "The Avon Comedy Four"), Tommy Tucker and His Orchestra. 28:44. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete.

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