Wakely, Jimmy

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47600. Neptune All Night. August 25, 1989. PBS-TV net, WHYY-TV, Philadelphia origination, WNET-TV aircheck. Sustaining. An all-night program originating from The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California as Voyager 2 flies past Neptune. The program is joined in-progress by WNET-TV, Newark, New Jersey. Al Hibbs interviews an unidentified astronomer. Mike Weilbacher of The Franklin Institute. Jesco Von Putkamer (NASA), Derek Pitts (The Franklin Institute), Joyce Towne (? The Franklin Institute), Jack Horkheimer (The Miami Space Museum), Judy Moffett (science fiction writer). Ira Flatow interviews Dr. Bruce Murray (Cal. Tech.) and Timothy Farris (who participated in the "record" sent out of the solar system, and was the author of "Coming Of Age In The Milky Way"). At 1 A. M.: Rich Terrille, Jeff Cousins, Larry Soderblum, Torrence Johnson (JPL). Mission planner Rex Ridenouer (?), unidentified astronauts (heard joking in space), a science fiction film satire. David Osman, Ed Stone (project scientist), Donald Gurnett (University of Iowa), David Morrison (Ames Research Center), Dr. James Trefil (science commentator), Steve Wall (JPL), Larry Soderblum of the Voyager Imaging Team, Carolyn C. Peterson (Halley Comet Atlas Team), Dr. Peter Thomas (Cornell University), Richard Berry (editor of "Astronomy" magazine), Patrick Moore (British astronomer), Hal Mazursky (Voyager Imaging Team, U. S. Geological Survey), Jim Hedge (Brown University), Alexander Basilevsky (Soviet scientist), Mission Planner Rex Ridenouer (again). Al Hibbs, Alexander Basilevsky, Bruce Murray, Carolyn C. Peterson, David Morrison, David Osman, Derek Pitts, Donald Gurnett, Edward Stone, Harold Masursky, Ira Flatow, Jack Horkheimer, James Trefil, Jeff Cousins, Jesco von Puttkamer, Jim Hedge, Joyce Towne, Judy Moffett, Laurence Soderblom, Mike Weilbacher (?), Patrick Moore, Peter Thomas, Rex Ridenouer, Rich Terrille, Richard Berry, Sedge Thomson (host), Steve Wall, Timothy Farris, Torrence Johnson. 6 hours, 59 minutes. Audio condition: Excellent. Part of continuing coverage.

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