How to obtain copies of the programs described in the Radiogoldindex database:

For the most part, you can’t. This web site, despite ending in “,” is not a commercial venture. The programs described are not for sale, at least by J. David Goldin and the “Radiogoldindex.” Many of the master tapes containing these recordings were sold to a company that does business under the name, “Radio Spirits.” I suggest you contact them at 1-800-833-4248 or visit their website at If they are unable to help, drop me a note at Box 542, Newtown, CT. 06470 (please do not telephone).

I am interested in purchasing 16” transcriptions and will pay the highest prices for any quality or quantity. I also exchange programs with other collectors, but on a limited basis. As you can see, my collection is already extensive. In addition, I have high standards of audio quality. If you have programs that you think would be of interest to me, please contact me and let me know what you have.

J. David Goldin