Dedications and Acknowledgements

This book, like most of radio, is a collaborative effort. I couldn't have done it alone.

It is dedicated to the memory of my parents, Buddy and Alberta Goldin, who with love and understanding endured a son interested in radio and recordings to the exclusion of much else. They seldom said “make it lower”... except when it really was too loud. It is also dedicated with all my love to my daughter Rachel Goldin and to my beautiful and loving wife Joyce, who carry on a tradition of putting up with a guy whose passion for radio extends to having over 300 of them around the house. Doesn't everyone have 300 radios at home? I dedicate this effort as well to my fellow broadcasters, who made it all happen.

I'd like to thank Blaine Kruger, the Art Director of Radio Yesteryear and Dorothy Hill-Barnes and Victoria Drought of the Radio Yesteryear art department for taking my rough sketches, trying to teach me what good design was all about, and putting my scribbled notes into readable form. I owe much to Craig Gallichotte and all the other Radio Yesteryear employees who kept the place in business while I was off remembering “the good old days.”

My thanks are also for John Gallichotte of the TLC Lotus Company for writing, re-writing and re-re-writing the custom software programs that brought the Radio Yesteryear archive out of the carbon-paper-and-index-card era and into the 20th century. Without John's software, this book would have taken not years, but decades.

I am especially obligated to Professor Eli Segal who was kind enough to write a flattering (if somewhat embellished) foreword to this book. His knowledge and proof-reading of proper names is as encyclopedic as is his ability to identify radio actors by their voices alone. He is also the world's second best tape editor. By the way Eli, ABC Radio offered me a job twice, but I was happily employed elsewhere both times.

Those who have written histories of various aspects of our business have also contributed much. Erik Barnouw, Frank Buxton, Tom DeLong, John Dunning, Ron Lackmann, Bill Owen, B. Eric Rhoads, Milo Ryan, Irving Settel, Harrison Summers, Vincent Terrace and many others.

And last, but not least, a tip of the Rophone windscreen to the many amateur audio archeologists who actually do this kind of research for the fun of it. I'm delighted to take advantage of their efforts and organize the fruits of their labors. The following people, some of whom I've never met, some now deceased, are from a list that's far from comprehensive. My apologies to those omitted. I thank you all and invite those readers who can point out the many errors in this volume to join this list of immortals in future editions:

Jerry Appleman, Richard Arnold, Don Aston, Jerry Austin, Dick Ayers, Bob Axley, John Barker, Ron Barnett, Marvin Bensman, Frank Bequaert, Peter Bernstock, Bill Blalock, Andy Blatt, Jim Blythe, Frank Bresee, Josh Bray, Bill Bright, Dr. Barry Brooks, Bill Brooks, Bob Burnham, Don Brush, Dominick Cancilla, Hugh Carlson, Ed Carr, Jerry Chapman, Phil Chavin, Trent Clifton, Barbara Davies, Tom DeLong, Fred E. Dickey, Digital Deli, Gary Dudash, Doug Due, John Eccles, Phil Esser, Gene Ewan, John Edwards, Randy Eidemiller, Phil Evans, Mel Fischer, Robert Flatter, Phineas Gage, John Gassman, Larry Gassman, Vic Gerard, Gerald Gibson, Frank Gilmore, Ken Greenwald, Chuck Haddix, Miller Hahn, Martin Halperin, Donald Hansen, Richard Hayes, Henry Hinkel, Richard Hill, Roger Hill, Roy Hooper, Robert Imes, Chuck Juzek, Walter Keepers, Jr., Steve Kelez, Gordon Kelley, Rodney Kennedy, Larry Kiner, Fred King, Roger Kobzina, Doug Kosmonek, Nat Kruskol, Ron Lackmann, Steve Lewis, Bob Marquette, Jon Maslanski, Pat McCoy, John McDonough, Louis McMahon, Marc Michaud, Aaron Mintz, Gerry Monaghan, Tom Monroe, Lee Munsick, Ken Neal, Todd Nebel, Mike Ogden, John Olsen, Jr., Cortlandt Parent, Don Pellow, Jerry Perchesky, E. M. Pienkos, Richard Pirodsky, Michael Pitts, Tom Price, Bruce Ruggles, Joseph Russell, Bill Sabis, Tom Salome, Terry Salomonson, Ted Serrill, Dejay Shriner, Dave Siegel, Al Sikora,Walter Smith, Steven Smolian, Eugene Soucek, Ray Stanich, Andrew Steinberg, Frank Swayze, Tom van der Voort, Les Waffen, George Wagner, Joe Webb, Harold Widdison, Les Zeiger and many others.